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Search For An Egg Donor

Based in New Jersey. We have a large database making is easy for you. 
Our main service is to provide you, the intended parents with a suitable donor that matches your requirements. We will then work closely with you and your Surrogacy Agency every step of the way.
We have helped so many couples and individuals to become parents, we love what we do. Let us help you with our donor database to become parents too.   

Find An Egg Donor With Our All Inclusive Packages

All inclusive packages are just that, all-inclusive. At Premier, we aim to keep the costs down for the Intended Parents as much as we can. These packages are designed to take into account ALL expenses for the donor . They include all the legal fees for her, travel, insurance, psychologist fees  and agents fee if she has come through one of our agents in the USA. 

The total cost will have been presented to you before you agreed to work with any individual donor and you have the right to not work with her once you have had the total cost. However, the total cost is the total cost and the BSC does not provide individual breakdowns for each donor.